We foster environmental sustainability, youth development, and maritime careers through powerful shipboard programs aboard the schooner Adventuress on the waters of the Salish Sea. Adventuress is a century-old National Historic Landmark tall ship. Sound Experience is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Washington State, USA.

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Program Spotlight: Fantastic Voyage Levels 1 and 2

Each year, we offer two Fantastic Voyage trips for teens between 7th and 12th grade. Level 1 (July 23-28) is a 6-day introduction to Adventuress. Level 2 (August 6-11) offers returning teens a chance to expand their skills, though all are welcome—participation in a previous Fantastic Voyage is encouraged, but not required.

While aboard, teens will take part in setting sails, steering the ship, and care-taking the vessel. They'll also stretch their legs during a shore hike on one of the remote San Juans, as well having the opportunity to climb aloft, go out on the bowsprit, and spend time on Adventuress' small boat.

Emma G., who will serve as crew aboard Adventuress this summer, got her start on our Fantastic Voyage trips. Of her time as a participant, she says, "On Adventuress... everything you do has a purpose. Everything has a relationship to the real world. To have that experience, to have so much fun, and to leave the ship having developed a family aboard—there’s nothing else like it." (To read Emma's full story, click here to visit the Sound Experience blog.)
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Join us for a summer overnight trip

Step aboard as a "Shipmate" and join our welcoming and supportive Adventuress community on an overnight trip this summer.

Bring your school or youth group aboard

Adventuress offers the experience of "ship as teacher"—a way to enhance school curriculum in a truly unique and hands-on setting.
“Kids learn through experience. Some of the most vivid and meaningful learning happens outside of the classroom… There aren’t many places on Earth that have a resource as powerful as Adventuress. I am truly grateful that my students can have this opportunity.”

Ron W., 5th grade teacher at Discovery Elementary

“It’s a very unique opportunity for young people to get away from an urban environment and really live with a group of people working on the water. Partly it has to do with the historic nature of the ship and partly it has to do with a deep love for Puget Sound. Who wouldn’t want that for their kids?”

Marianne W., mother of a participant on Girls at the Helm