Welcome to the Crew Information Page

Here you find links to required pre-season readings and other helpful resources, to help prepare you for the upcoming season on board Adventuress. We are excited to have you apart of the Sound Experience crew and community!

Since you have found your way to this page we can assume you have submitted all of the required paperwork. (Waiver, Medical Information, Additional Crew Information, Certification uploads etc.) THANK YOU! If you have not please make sure you complete your forms. This webpage is a resource for you! If you have suggestions/additions please let me know.

Required Crew Reading

Please read the following information prior to your season start. These packets will help greatly to prepare you for your time on board, the curriculum, how to pack, and what to expect. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Crew Certification Links

CPR/First Aid Resources

In person classes/course resources (recommended for first timers)
Check your local Red Cross or Heart Saver website for local classes. NOLS WMI also provides advanced First Aid and Wilderness First Responder Courses if interested.
Online course resources (recommended for folks who have already taken a course)

Additional Resources and Learning

These are some helpful additional resources for you all to help prepare. Some are direct links and others are books you can buy or find at a library. If you have additional suggestions please feel free to e-mail Amy at amy@soundexp.org

Reading and Resource list

Coming soon..
  • Natural History of Puget Sound Country – Arthur Kruckeberg
  • The World is Blue: How Our Fate and the Oceans are One – Sylvia Earl
  • The Highest Tide (fiction) – Jim Lynch
  • The Fertile Fjord (out of print, but PDF available online) – Richard Strickland
  • A Field Guide to the Cascades and Olympics – Stephen Whitney
  • Encyclopedia of Puget Sound
  • What is the Salish Sea
  • 2015 Puget Sound Fact Book
  • Salish Sea Wild Video Series
  • The Craft of Sail: A Primer of Sailing – Jan E. Adkins
  • The Marlinespike Sailor- Hervey Garret Smith
  • Piloting and Seamanship- Chapman
  • more to come
  • Blue Mind- Wallace J Nichols
  • Please browse the other areas of our website to learn more about the organization, our programs and where we sail!

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