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The Adventuress Cup - A Race for the Salish Sea!

Tune in on Saturday September 18th for the second annual Adventuress Cup - A Race for the Salish Sea Livestream!. The race is an inclusive, feel-good event that celebrates our marine environment and aims to raise critical program funds. Our dedicated Adventuress Cup sponsors make it possible that every dollar raised goes directly to support shipboard programs and the goal this year is to raise $125,000.

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Now scheduling for Fall 2021 Programs

Schedule your Fall 2021 program today!

Both in-person and virtual options are available to help fit your needs. Programs are available to schools, homeschool groups, learning pods, youth groups and more.

To learn more click the link below or contact Amy at amy@soundexp.org or call 360-379-0438 x 2

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Shipmates Together A web page full of posts on everything Adventuress!

The Shipmates Together web page (Click here) brings you some of the magic that you may remember having experienced aboard Adventuress.

A Galley Recipe? Clear your kitchen counters for Recipes from the Adventuress Galley.

A PodCast-Off limited series? Listen to podcasts based on stories from Adventuress!

Want to learn more about the history of Adventuress? Try Throw Back Thursdays.

Want to learn about Micro plastics, Orcas, Tide pools, the Marine Life in the Salish Sea. Learn with your children with the Marine Science post.

Want to watch a good maritime movie? Check out the Maritime Movie Matinee where each week a member of the Sound Experience Board reviews their favorite film.

Please visit our social media platforms (Facebook,Instagram) for our Shipmates Together weekly postings too!
2021 Dock Talks - Social Media posts (2 cropped)

June Dock Talk - Stay Tuned!

Tune in Saturday, June 12th at 4pm to hear from the Founder and Director of Whale Scout, Whitney Neugebauer! Celebrate Orca Month with us and learn about how you make make a difference for orcas by planting trees. Whitney has recorded a fantastic Dock Talk and you won't want to miss it!
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It's Not a Time to be Silent - A message from Sound Experience

Recent events have shown that the pain and suffering of our Black family, friends, neighbors and co-workers is not only unacceptable, it is unconscionable. America has to do better. All of us have to do better. It is long past time for change.

As a nonprofit education organization, Sound Experience is committed to equity and racial justice. Our policies reflect this commitment of inclusion; our practices include restorative training and programming. We recognize, though, that we are not doing enough.

In the coming weeks and months, we commit to deepening our work with community partners to address the continuing inequities in environmental education and maritime workforce development. For decades, both these spaces have lacked diversity and inclusion of Black and Brown people. This needs to change. Change happens with intention, planning and resources. We can do better.

Aboard Adventuress, we are ALL shipmates. This means that all of us – aboard the ship and throughout the Puget Sound region communities we serve – are shipmates. We care for each other physically and emotionally. We commit to fostering safe spaces for young people to grow and to learn. We steward the environment which sustains us all – all beings, all humans regardless of skin color.

We stand together, for our shipmates, until justice is achieved – and until all human beings can live without fear and can thrive in an equitable America.
“Kids learn through experience. Some of the most vivid and meaningful learning happens outside of the classroom… There aren’t many places on Earth that have a resource as powerful as Adventuress. I am truly grateful that my students can have this opportunity.”

Ron W., 5th grade teacher at Discovery Elementary

“It’s a very unique opportunity for young people to get away from an urban environment and really live with a group of people working on the water. Partly it has to do with the historic nature of the ship and partly it has to do with a deep love for Puget Sound. Who wouldn’t want that for their kids?”

Marianne W., mother of a participant on Girls at the Helm