Our Board Members

Sound Experience is guided by a 16-member Board of Directors who contribute their talents, resources, and passion. They are dedicated to building an effective, sustainable, and lasting organization that sails the schooner Adventuress to make a difference for the future of our marine environment. Additionally, the following Board-led committees (some including non Board Members) move forward key areas of governance: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee, Education Committee, Ship Committee, and Marketing Committee. If you are interested in our leadership opportunities, please contact us at mail@soundexp.org.

2023 Board Members

Michael Hoffman, President

Julie Masura, Vice-President

Alexandra Tellez, Secretary

Henry Veldman, Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Joshua Berger

Jim Congdon

Ken Greff

Satish Iyer

David Jackson, Ship Committee Chair

Jason Karas

Rusty Lhamon, Development Committee Chair

Maggie Mallon

Kathryn Noonan

Dave Schoeggl

Capt. Jonathan Ward

Michele Wolski, Education Committee Chair