Our Board Members

Sound Experience is guided by a 16-member Board of Directors who contribute their talents, resources, and passion. They are dedicated to building an effective, sustainable, and lasting organization that sails the schooner Adventuress to make a difference for the future of our marine environment. Additionally, the following Board-led committees (some including non Board Members) move forward key areas of governance: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee, Education Committee, Ship Committee, and Marketing Committee. If you are interested in our leadership opportunities, please contact us at mail@soundexp.org.

2023 Board Members

Michael Hoffman, President

Julie Masura, Vice-President

Katey Noonan, Secretary

Henry Veldman, Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Joshua Berger

Jim Congdon

Ken Greff

Satish Iyer

David Jackson

Jason Karas

Rusty Lhamon, Development Committee Chair

Dave Schoeggl

Capt. Jonathan Ward

Michele Wolski, Education Committee Chair