Address: 217 Thurston Avenue NW, Olympia, WA 98501

Unless otherwise noted, Adventuress will be at E Dock. Click here for a map of the marina.

1.From the South: take I-5 Exit 105 and take the right lane onto Henderson Boulevard (East Bay Drive NE) toward “State Capitol/City Center/Port of Olympia.”

2. Henderson Boulevard eventually turns left onto Plum Street at the light. Then follow steps 5-8 below.

3. From the North: take 1-5 Exit 105 “State Capitol/City Center/Port of Olympia.”

4. Stay in right lane, Exit 105B “Port of Olympia.”

5. Follow Plum Street to State Avenue NE (3rd Avenue).

6. Turn left onto State Avenue NE (3rd Avenue) and go 9 blocks to a 90-degree left bend in the road (becomes Water Street NW).

7. At the 90-degree bend you will see a sign that says “City Of Olympia, Percival Landing.” At the sign, turn right into a small parking lot for Percival Landing.

8. For pay parking, continue around the 90 degree bend. Turn right onto 4th Avenue W and go 1 block to the corner of 4th Avenue W and Sylvester Street SW – accommodates day or overnight parking.