Season 1 Crew - April through July 2018

2018Season 1Adventuress Crew
Top: Captain Bucko Billy. Middle: Jing (past crew), Evan, Matt M, Miranda, Anne, Maddy and Sam Sam Bottom: Claire, Maris, Emma, Captain Zeal, Amber, Jesse, Victor, Matt S, Biz, Anna and Kate

Jesse Wiegel – Chief Mate
A native of the Olympic Peninsula and a current Port Townsend, WA resident, Jesse has a long history aboard Adventuress. His work on ships include a trip across the Atlantic to the Azores and Morocco as on the square rigger Picton Castle, sailing as Second Mate aboard the schoonerLette G. Howard out of New York City and serving as Winter Mate on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. Jesse also works as an instructor for the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School. He has several prolific spots for finding chanterelles—and he is happy to bring you there for a picnic.

Amber Notaro – Program Coordinator
Amber is from New Jersey and recently finished graduate school studying biology with a concentration in marine conservation. This is what drew her towards environmental sailing. Be it beaches, boats, or diving; she love being around water.

Claire Gaskins – Galley Coordinator
This is Claire's second season on board Adventuress. She grew up in Redmond, Washington and has a degree in Environmental Science from Western Washington University. Claire loves to travel, and is always thinking about the next place she can explore. One of her favorite experiences to date was coming nose to nose with a sea lion while snorkeling in the Galápagos islands.

Miranda Holmes – Engineer
Miranda was born and raised in lovely Pasadena, California.She studied Neuroscience and minored in both Arts Administration and Studio Art at Skidmore College. She is now putting that degree to work by sailing on Tall Ships! Most recently she worked on SEA Semester's Robert C. Seamans as a deckhand for a yard period in American Samoa. She can currently count to 10 in four different languages and would be open to learning more.

Sam Sam Parry - Second Mate
Sam grew up in Southern California. She learned about tall ships as a high school student aboard the Tole Mour and has been involved in boats ever since. This is her second season working for Adventuress, having filled the Relief Engineer position last Spring. Sam has completed maritime Basic Safety Training, is an AB and a Wilderness First Responder as well as being CRP and First Aid certified. Her most recent accolade is a shiny new captain's license. Sam hopes her next adventure to be working for the Foreign Service. If that doesn't happen then she plans to apply to International Relations graduate programs in the Fall.

Emma LeValley – Educator / Deckhand / Relief Program Coordinator
Emma grew up sailing small boats around Seattle and on the Potomac River. She currently calls the Methow Valley home, but before that lived in Bellingham where she received a BS in Environmental Science with a focus in Marine Ecology and Sculpture from Fairhaven College. Most recently she worked for the WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife collecting biological data on salmon. The last time she was on the Adventuress was as for a Fantastic Voyage almost ten years ago, and she is very excited to be back. Fun fact: She raced two-person sailboats two years in a row at ICSA College National Championships with the Western Washington University's Women's Sailing Team.

Maris Winters – Educator / Deckhand / Relief Galley Coordinator
Maris is from Maltby, Washington, but has spent the last few years up in Squamish, BC getting her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at Quest University Canada, where she asked the question "Where does the Artist Fit?". She was a deckhand aboard Adventuress a few years back, but has spent the last year working as the Volunteer Coordinator and breakfast cook at the Grunewald Guild in Plain, WA. When she can find the time, you can find her in the studio, either playing with metal or her loom.

Evan Kinnett– Educator / Deckhand/Relief Engineer
Hailing from Puyallup, Evan holds an Associates Degree in Telecommunications from Bates Technical College and has been putting it to use working on new construction sites for Amazon and Microsoft. He discovered sailing after taking his father to a Tall Ship Festival in Tacoma last year and totally fell in love with it. After sailing on the Adventuress he decided he really wanted to get involved and volunteered during each Winter Maintenance Weekends. He feels very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to be crew, and is looking forward to sailing and educating youth, hoping to make a positive lasting impact on their lives. Fun fact: Evan spent two years traveling the US for work in a work van, visiting a total of 39 states and numerous retired Navy ships.

Anna Wietelmann – Lead Educator / Deckhand
Anna grew up in Piedmont, California and still call the East Bay her home. In 2016, she earned her B.S. in Earth Systems (Environmental Science) at Stanford and since then she have worked a couple jobs as a field tech and have been sailing with Sea Education Association as a deckhand and assistant steward. A fun fact about Anna is that she have a twin brother who looks nothing like her!

Maddy Savage – Season Long Educator / Deckhand
Maddy is from Vancouver Washington and recently received her Bachelor's degree in Oceanography with a focus in chemistry. She has previously been a barista Starbucks and volunteered at the Pacific Science Center. Fun fact about Maddy is that she is a mirror twin.

Matt Sirkis – Season Long Educator / Deckhand
Matt is from San Diego! He is finishing up his Parks and Recreation Management Degree this spring. Matt worked for Rites of Passage as a Field instructor for at risk youth.

Victor Boyer – Season Long Educator / Deckhand
Victor is from Salt Lake City, Utah and just got his associates of science degree from Salt Lake community college. He plans on taking a break from school and then continuing to get a degree in aerospace engineering. Just before the Adventuress he was a lift operator at Solitude ski resort in Utah. He is half Swedish and speaks the language pretty well.

Biz Wallace – April Month Educator / Deckhand
Biz grew up in North Carolina and has a degree in design from the University of Southern California. Most recently, she has been splitting her time between the SSV Exy Johnson and the SSV Corwith Cramer. When not sailing, she can be found practicing yoga, taking photos, or shredding the gnar.

Anne W. – April Month Educator / Deckhand
Anna is from Bothell, Washington and has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and History (and a minor in French) from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She's previously worked as a Newborn Hearing Screener for Pediatrix Medical Group. Fun Fact: Anne plays the bagpipes for the Keith Highlanders Pipe Band.

Matt Markavage – April Month-long Educator / Deckhand
Matt is from Moraga, California and has a B.S. in Environmental Science from University of Redlands. He's most recently worked at EnviroNova in San Francisco and enjoyed working in Zion National Park for an AmeriCorp position. Fun Fact: Matt has fed Blue-eyed Black lemurs at the Oakland Zoo while he worked there!

Kate Rovinski – May Month-long Educator / Deckhand
From Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Marine Biology (B.S. Maine Maritime ’11 200ton Mates Near-coastal). Infrastructure Management (M.A. University of Washington ‘17). Surface Warfare Officer/ Weapons Tactic Instructor United States Navy – 7yrs (Shellback ’11). Kate’s a regular volunteer at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery and has a particular soft spot for cold water invertebrates. She’s ready to learn more about hauling on some lines instead of just firing up the “Dee-sail”.

Alexander Rayburn – May Month-long Educator / Deckhand
Alexander is from Kirkland, WA and is studying to get his Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Fun Fact: Alexander sailed 7,000 nautical miles across the Indian Ocean last fall!

Erica Knox – June Month-long Educator / Deckhand
Erica is a current graduate student in Earth Systems at Stanford University. She considers the undergraduate educational sailing trip she took in the Pacific to be one of the best experiences of her life. She hopes to be a teacher one day and is excited to get to teach and learn on a boat!

Addie Heifetz – June & July Month-long Educator / Deckhand
Addie is from Philadelphia and is currently studying public health and environmental biology at Tulane University in New Orleans. She ate a slug when she was three years old and, although she’s a vegetarian now, has been intrigued by the outdoors ever since! Addie first came to Adventuress last summer during her gap year, during which she also lived on a horse farm in upstate New York, shadowed doctors in the Dominican Republic, and spent a month traveling across France. Addie is a member of Tulane EMS (and will be a certified EMT this fall!), a Chaser on the quidditch team, and a peer health educator.

Suzie Hall – July Month-long Educator / Deckhand
Suzie is from Manchester, England and has a Masters Degree in Physics (Leeds, UK). She is the Co-Founder of Plastic-Free Me, a nonprofit organization aimed at individuals and corporations, encouraging the elimination of plastics from daily life. Fun fact, Suzie is a little whale-obsessed and has recently got her first two tattoos: both whale-themed. Next time she thinks she might try and branch out! Maybe a whale shark...

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