Pathway Programs

Pathway Programs

Maritime ~ Environment ~ Life Skills

Sound Experience Pathway Programs are the ways in which we help connect youth to possible future career paths. Through Pathway Programs and experiential learning, participants can explore career paths and explore the variety of opportunities in the realm of maritime and science through hands-on learning and real world environments. In addition, participants would have access to our network of mentors within each field to help further pursue future career possibilities.

Our ship, the Adventuress provides the ideal platform for young people to build social emotional learning, and to practice life skills which are the building blocks for life. So no matter what career path they choose, they begin to build better skills for their future.

How do Pathway Programs work?

Youth can join our Pathway Programs through a couple of different avenues. They can be a participant in one of our programs, apply to our apprentice program or apply to be an intern. Each of these entry points offer access to mentorship, future crew opportunities aboard our vessel, and career connected learning.

To read more about the qualifications for each program, please see the details and links below.

Sound Experience(SE) ProgramsApprenticeship InternshipsCrew Opportunities
– We have school and youth group programs that range from 3 grade and up
– We offer summer teen programs
– We offer family sailing opportunities
– Sound Experience programs are designed to spark the imagination
and foster an interest in science, leadership, maritime, and the environment.
-15-17 years of age
-Typically 1-2 weeks in length
– Interest in maritime or marine sciences
– Ability to work with others
-Parent/ Guardian permission required
– Application required
-Unpaid –
-Age varies from 15
to 22
– Paid stipend available through partnerships
-Length varies based on internship requirements
-Ability to work with others and serve as a role model
-If under 18, parent/guardian permission required
-Paid employment
-Must be 18
-Entry level positions start at $16/hr with Educator/Deckhands
-Additional skills required for other positions
-Desire to teach, work with a team, and work outside
-Background check is required due to working with youth
-Citizenship or Green Card required
Click here for School and Youth Group Programs

Click here for Teen and Family Programs
Click here to learn more and to apply2021 opportunities will be posted soon as available Click here to learn more and to apply