Sound Studies Program Goals

The goal of a Sound Studies program, as with all programs offered by Sound Experience, can be summarized in a single word: awareness. We believe that people will protect what they learn to value.

The most effective way to have a lasting impact is to meet the following goals for every program. Our goals for participants:

  • Leave with a heightened awareness of Puget Sound as a fragile ecosystem, understand the concept of a whole system, and understand how Adventuress and the earth both illustrate this concept.
  • Recognize the interrelationships that exist between all life. Identify the positive and negative impacts that they as individuals have on the Puget Sound ecosystem. Recognize their ability to take action by raising others’ awareness and by making responsible choices. Understand the necessity of cooperation as a course to action.
  • Learn that Puget Sound is an incredible, diverse, and productive ecosystem and that the waterways we all share are fragile and need our care. Most importantly, students learn that they can make a difference.
  • Experience working together to raise sails and learn about all the factors that help make a traditional sailing vessel function.
When you join us for a day trip, your group will take part in an active learning and working voyage. On board our vessel, participants are able to experience how community, nature, culture, and infrastructure all interact and shape each other.

Continue below to learn more about how we can meet your groups goals and how you can join us for an experience aboard Adventuress.


Program Details

Sail Options
  • 3 hour Sound Studies
  • 5 hour Sound Studies
  • 3hr Sound Studies: $1,760
  • 5hr Sound Studies: $2,300
  • Age
    This program is offered for grades 3 through 12. If you have a younger, older, or mixed age group, please call 360-379-0438 x2 for additional options to accommodate your group.
    Cancellation Policy
    Sound Studies and Sound Explorations: In the event of cancellation by the group, one half of the deposit (per voyage) is refundable up to 135 days prior to the program departure date. After 135 days prior to the program departure date, the whole program fee is considered earned by Sound Experience for all days reserved, regardless of actual use by the group. In the event of cancellation of the entire program by Sound Experience for reasons of operational readiness of the vessel, Sound Experience will reimburse the group for the full program fee. In the event of Sound Experience determining to run a dockside version of the program with no sailing experience, for reasons of safety or weather, Sound Experience will reimburse the group for 30% of the cost of the program. Sound Experience will not be held responsible for any liability or costs incurred by the group due to any cancellation, except as stated above.
    How to Book a Sound Studies Program
    Please contact Amy Kovacs by phone or e-mail: 360-379-0438 x2 or

    Program Themes

    Sound Experience offers four themed options for your Sound Studies programs. Within each option is a specific selection of Learning Stations that complement each other to create a cohesive learning experience. For a detailed description of each station within each theme, please see the Educator Packet.
    Emerging Issues in the Salish Sea
    Identify major environmental issues in the region and learn how we as a community can have an impact.

    Learning Stations: Plankton, Life Aboard Ship, Marine Debris, Nautical Skills, Ocean Acidification.
    Marine Trades
    Learn about the importance of the marine trades industry and its impact on our region.

    Learning Stations: Life Aboard Ship, Marine Debris, Nautical Skills, Ocean Acidification, Mechanical Advantage
    Marine Ecology
    Discover a deeper understanding of the Salish Sea and its inhabitants.

    Learning Stations: Plankton, Marine Life, Life Aboard Ship, Nautical Skills, Ocean Acidification
    Becoming a Mariner
    Explore the many skills required to become a mariner on the Salish Sea.

    Learning Stations: Marine Life, Life Aboard Ship, Nautical Skills, Navigation, Mechanical Advantage

    For questions or more information, please contact Education Coordinator Amy at: