Sound Studies Parent and Student Page

1Do I need to sign anything?
Yes, you will need to sign a Release Agreement for your child, as well as for yourself if you are attending the trip. The group leader or teacher will have this available to you prior to the trip.
2What do we bring?
Please refer to the Parent Letter that was handed out by your group leader or teacher. If you did not receive one, you can find it here.
3Can I chaperone?
If you would like to chaperone for the trip, please talk with the group leader or teacher.
4Who can I contact if I have more questions about the trip?
You can contact your child's group leader or teacher for specific group information. If you have any general questions about the trip or our organization, please feel free to contact Amy Kovacs at or 360-379-0438 x 2
5Where can I learn more about your organization and the history of the ship?
Please visit our About Us page to find out more!